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Do you suffer from jaw pain because of TMJ disorder? You no longer need to when you visit Smiles of East Lake for neuromuscular dentistry. Through this service, we will find the rest position of your jaw so it can relax and no longer pop and lock when you chew.

The rest position is the optimal position for your jaw, one it should remain in most of the time. When we find this position, your jaw can relax with an improved alignment. In the field of neuromuscular dentistry, there is a lot of equipment that can be used to find the rest position, including:

  • X-Rays: show the position of the teeth and jaw bone
  • Sonography: measures the vibrations of the jaw joints
  • Electromyography: measures muscle activity by using electrodes
  • ULF-TENS: electrical stimulation that establishes rest position and relieves pain

After finding the rest position of your jaw, we can take the necessary steps to treat TMJ disorder.

We will work to align your jaw so it can sit in its optimal rest position. There are many methods by which this is accomplished, including orthodontics, toot contouring, and restorative treatment. When we treat TMJ disorder with neuromuscular dentistry, you will no longer suffer from headaches, ringing ears, or the pain of a popping, locking jaw. Call our dentist today at 619.482.1962 if you want to learn more about our neuromuscular dentistry.