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If your jaws are throbbing with pain, then it’s time to call Smiles of East Lake and schedule an appointment with your dentist, Dr. Eric Eusebio. The sooner he diagnoses the problem and provides treatment, the sooner you’ll return to the healthy and comfortable life you deserve!

It’s important to visit your dentist about jaw pain because it can result from things like the TMJ disorder, teeth grinding habits, periodontal disease, arthritis, injury, infection, toothaches, and sinus problems. So, if you experience any of the following symptoms, please don’t hesitate to give our office a call:

-Pain or tenderness in your face or jaw joint area

-Difficulty opening your mouth widely

-Experiencing stuck or locked jaw

-Clicking or popping sounds each time you open your mouth

-Facial tiredness

-Experiencing an uncomfortable bite

-Facial swelling

-Toothaches, headaches, ear aches, and neck aches


-Upper shoulder pain

-Ringing in the ears

Treatments for jaw pain include using a mouthguard, muscle relaxants, and medication. Other treatments include meditation, root canal therapy, TMJ disorder treatments, periodontal treatment, and tooth extraction.

Our entire dental team cares for you and your oral health, which is why we strongly recommend that you call our office at 619.482.1962 and schedule an appointment as soon as possible so we can help you with your jaw pain in Chula Vista, California. So, if you haven’t called yet, please do so!