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Improving your smile with dental veneers can be extremely beneficial for your self-esteem. Not only will this drastically boost your self-image and the look of your smile, but it can also improve social settings, work settings, and remove any issues and problems you may have with your oral health care needs and desires. For cosmetic treatments to drastically improve and enhance the look of your smile, look no further than dental veneers.

Dental veneers are extremely impressive tooth restorations because they’re designed to be customized to your exact oral health care needs. Not only can they prevent further stains from arising because they’re stain-resistant, but they can also enhance a tooth’s color, size, shape, or length with a thin, yet durable shell that is applied directly to the fronts of teeth. However, because it does not cover up the back of teeth, you will need to continue to care and protect the tooth from dental damage and erosion.

Once the dental veneers are in place it can provide the oral enhancement you’ve always desired in the tooth. They’re often crafted from porcelain or resin composite materials and can last up to a decorative of continuous use before they may need to be replaced. They can even be used on previously damaged teeth that have suffered from oral accidents or visual impairments. If you have a tooth that is discolored or stained or has suffered from spacing issues or other similar minor misalignments, it is possible to have dental veneers placed to conceal the damage.

Is it your desire to further enhance your oral health care and your smile with dental veneers? Our team at Smiles of East Lake looks forward to improving your smile with dental veneers. To book an appointment at our dentist office in Chula Vista, California, please contact Dr. Eric Eusebio and our team by calling us at 619.482.1962.