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Dental implants can provide a sturdy means of replacing teeth that have gone missing. Implants draw their sturdiness from being rooted in the jawbone and supported by the gums. In order to maintain their strength and your oral health too, it can help to remember the following things.

You can still benefit from brushing and flossing the crown or bridge that rests on the implant. Plaque can still pose a problem to the area around the implant, but brushing and flossing can wipe out plaque to keep it from building up. Plaque and food can also build up in the space between the crown or bridge and the implant, but if you take a little bit of time to floss in that area, you can take care of that problem. Doing these things can help you avoid gum disease from developing in the area around the implant.

We also caution that you not take up smoking if you have an implant. The substances inside the smoke can weaken your jawbone and make your gums more susceptible to gum disease. Without the support of the jawbone and gums, implants can become loose or even fail. Avoiding smoking can help promote better health, which will help an implant last.

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