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Pregnancy carries many effects, including those having to do with your oral health. One of those effects is dry mouth. Even though this common condition is not brought up much, it still causes dental issues. Dry mouth is usually the result of changing hormones, along with nausea and other pregnancy symptoms. The hormone shift occurs when a lack of saliva is able to clear out debris and control bacteria. Without sufficient saliva, your teeth and gums have a greater risk of developing plaque that leads to cavities. At Smiles of East Lake, we want to ensure your oral health is secure, while you ensure your baby is healthy.


There are several things you can do to help relieve the dryness that includes:


  • Drinking water to stay hydrated
  • Sucking on ice chips, if you have nausea
  • Chewing sugarless candy and sucking on sugar-free candy to keep your mouth moisturized
  • Sleeping with a humidifier, especially in the wintertime, when dry air is notorious for dry mouth and sinuses
  • Talking to the dentist about a mouth rinse for dry mouth


If you are taking a medication that carries dry mouth as a side effect, a consultation with your doctor or dentist may be in store. Maybe you can switch the medication or get a special rinse to increase the saliva. If these tips aren’t helping, please call our dental team at 619.482.1962 for an appointment with Dr. Eric Eusebio, who can prescribe a safe medication to help relieve the effects of dry mouth. You can trust our dental team to care for you during this wonderful time, providing the best dental care in Chula Vista, California!